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"His mixture of wisdom, political optimism, and green pesto has inspired us to develop not just our business, but ourselves as well. His biggest influence will be this indelible mark he has made on our characters as we strive to one day be like Paul."

Ben Gibbons

Managing Director


Formerly a design and manufacturing engineer and manager. He honed his operational excellence skills as an operations manager for Mars plc before being tempted to go it alone in 2004. He has never looked back.

Paul has a flexible and highly engaging inter personal skill set, highly intuitive and able to converse with people from all backgrounds and styles. His coaching ability has provided support and confidential mediation to team members that are having a difficult time. This has resulted in reduction in anxiety, better team fit, improved performance and better alignment of organisational and employee objectives.

The deployment of Paul's skillset is applicable across the spectrum from strategic objectives, intent and scenario planning through to the enhancement of process detail, design or organisational engagement.

"I cannot give enough praise to Paul for the support and advice he has offered me over the past year.  Paul has suggested creative solutions to issues and projects all which have resulted in positive outcomes. I would recommend Paul to businesses who think they may need some guidance or help taking their company to the next level, you will not be disappointed."

Jacqui Flinders

Head of Fulfillment





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